Getting Started

Technical Problems

Registration and Bidding

Getting Started

Q. Can I test my computer for the Live Global Bid Control Kit?

A. Yes, by clicking the following link you will be taken to the Live Global Bid test page. If you have not installed the Live Global Bid control Kit previously, please do so now by clicking here. Once installed you should see the following on the test page:

- Clock on the bottom right hand portion of your screen.

- You should also be able to hear audio through this page.

- If you do not see the Video of a clock on the bottom right hand portion of your screen or hear audio, you need to re-install the LGB control kit.

- A sales list and Lot details area should be visible on the test page. If you do not see the Lot details and Sales list you may need to re-install the LGB control Kit.

You must have TCP ports 6789 and 8000 open through your firewall to view Video and hear the audio stream.

If you have any questions or problems viewing the test page please call the LGB help line 1-877-694-6100.

Q. I am having trouble downloading the LGB Control Kit.

A. Most problems encountered when downloading the LGB control kit are caused by aftermarket Internet Security programs. You may have to disable your Spam and pop up blockers to allow the necessary downloads. To bypass your browser settings you can click here for an alternate install

Technical Problems

Q. I can see the Video and Lot descriptions but I have no sound.

A. If you do not already have the Active X plug in you will be prompted to do so upon logging into the auction or during the Install process. You must Install Active X for the LGB software to deliver sound to your computer.

Q. I don't see anything when I click on the auction link!

A. There may be several reasons for this. Do you have the LGB Control Kit installed? Also, make sure that your computer system meets the minimum requirements.

The first time that you use the LGB system, it will ask you to install the Control Kit. You only need to do this once per computer.

Q. I can't see the entire bidding interface. It's too big!

A. The bidding interface is designed for a screen resolution of at least 800x600. Please consult your computer or video card manual for information on how to change your screen resolution.

Q. I can't hear any sound!

A. Please make sure that you have the LGB Control Kit installed. Your computer must also have a sound card installed(see the minimum requirements page.) Do not forget to check that your speakers are plugged in and turned on!

Q. I am using a firewall. What ports do I need to open?

A. LiveGlobalBid connects to a remote server on three internet sockets during an auction. These are: Tcp socket 6789 - bidding and administration. Tcp socket 8000 - audio. Tcp socket 9192 - video.

Your firewall software MUST be configured to permit outbound connections to these sockets if you want to participate in a LiveGlobalBid event.

Q. How do I uninstall the LiveGlobalBid Control Kit?

A. To completely remove the LiveGlobalBid Control Kit from your computer follow these steps:

1. Right click on the Control Kit globe icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop.

2. Select Uninstall from the pop up menu.

3. Click Yes in the Confirmation pop up box.

4. If an error message appears click Yes.

5. Restart your computer. The LGB Control Kit has been removed.

Registration and Bidding

Q. How do I participate in a live auction?

A. You must be a registered bidder with a $200 deposit on file at Registration and deposits must be made before 6 a.m. CST every Saturday morning.

Dealers and Permanent Bidders are automatically registered and do not have to deposit $200.

Q. Does my bid include all fees?

A. Bids represent the sale price of the car and do not include other fees like taxes and registration. For an overview of fees and other rules, please see Auction Rules at

Q. I was not the high bidder. Do I get my $200 deposit back?

A. Yes, $200 deposits are only kept when applied to purchases.

Q. I placed a bid online before the live auction. Can I still participate in the live auction?

A. Yes, but please be aware that the auctioneer will be using the bids placed prior to 6 a.m. Saturday as proxy bids. Please bid during the live auction only if the price exceeds the maximum bid you previously entered, or you could possibly be bidding against yourself.

Q. Can I just view an auction?

A. You can not view the live auction online unless you are a registered bidder with a $200 deposit. If you'd like to see our auctions, you are invited to register and enter a deposit. You may also come to our Dallas location in person which are open to the public.

Q. I have registered with Live Global Bid, and I can log in, but I cannot participate in the auction!

A. Live Global Bid is a company who provides the hardware for our live auctions. You must register for our live auctions on our web site at