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Texans Can! provides alternative education to students whose road to graduation seems virtually hopeless. At-risk youth receive relationship-based education and training as well as concentrated counseling. Students voluntarily work toward their high school diploma and enjoy a more flexible attendance schedule. They have taken that vital first step. Now they need your support.

Texans Can! History
Established in 1985 as Texans Can!, the founding school served juvenile offenders with remedial education. After 10 years of positive results, Texans Can! expanded its services to high school dropouts and non-adjudicated youth. In 1995, Texans Can! became one of the first 20 Texas charter schools.

Today, Texans Can! is expanding throughout the country with more than 67% of graduates going on to post-secondary education. So far, more than 30,000 students have changed their lives and the lives of their families though Texans Can! With your help, we can change thousands more.

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